Saturday, November 15, 2008

They're Back...No, No, No!

Well, Thursday and Friday were lookin' good but this morning at 6:30am I threw up yellow foamy stuff and then started breaking out again so Mom gave me more Benadryl. The only difference that Mom can think of is that Thursday and Friday she and Dad started to add in a little bit of the kibble to my food again. The same brand they were feeding me before (Solid Gold) but a different variety. I think this is affecting my poor Mom more than me...she is a mess trying to figure out my problem. I told her that regardless of bumps I need a play date today so hopefully I can have some fun. :)

Mom is part of an online Rhodesian Ridgeback group and a couple of people there suggested different raw food sources plus one called Honest Kitchen and Nature's Variety (I think)...ever heard of them or have any experience? The Honest Kitchen website said their food is human taste tested and is made in a plant alongside human food products such as cereal, etc...???

The picture above is me on the couch in Mom's classroom last night. I went to protect her while she was getting some work done. ;)


hbergsby said...

Hi there ~

Just surfed by and saw your question. I have a Ridgeback, too, one who has had terrible AWFUL skin problems in her life, among other things! She has been a year free of any problems, and during that time has been eating a mixture of a high-end kibble and The Honest Kitchen. It is AWESOME food - I would feed it exclusively if I could afford to do so comfortably .... There are a number of choices they have, and I have heard great things about all of them. The customer service is also incredible at this company. I order on-line for convenience, and have not been disappointed. I imagine I'll always be feeding it in some capacity. I have two other (non-RR) dogs - each eats a different kibble but all three get THK (vegetarian variety) mixed in with their food. I can't say enough about it - just love it. I don't know about the "human taste tests," however .... recently I prepared a little bowl and my brother-in-law walked by and stuck his finger in it and ate a blob. He regretted it immensely; said he "thought it was pesto." (Do YOU stick your finger in a bowl of someone else's pesto???)

Good luck!

Amber said...


Thanks for stopping by and telling about your experience with THK. It sounds very good to me but it's nice to hear other people's experiences before switching. In case you stop back by, do you mind me asking what kind of kibble you feed your RR? You can always email me at too if you prefer that. :)

Thanks again,

Amber & Nala

Raising Addie said...

Oh no, Nala... I was hoping you were doing better.

There is an answer out there that will help you get all better. I just know it. If I knew what that answer was, I sure would give it to you.

Hang in there sweetie! That classroom looks like a lot of fun!


Anonymous said...

Wow you poor girl - you must have built up an allergy to your current stuff - I hope the news above about Honest Kitchen will help you find what makes it stop.

You're a good girl protecting your Mum Nala!

Clover said...

Hi Nala,
Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello and congratulating me on my costume contest win. :)
I am sorry to hear about your hives and not feeling well. I sure hope you are feeilng better soon.
Love Clover xo

Anonymous said...

You poor thing. I just wanted you to know that whenever we have a problem we contact Dr. Harvey of Dr. Harvey's. He is a generous and amazing man from Dr. Harvey's and has helped me, my dogs and my friends dogs and cats many,many times. He will speak to you directly and it is free of charge.
You can email him at or call him toll free at 866. 362.4123. this information is on the website at
I urge you to have him try to give you a solution.
He once had me switch my dog to distilled water (something I would never have thought to do and was never suggested by my Vet) and my dog stopped making urinary crystals.
So I hope this helps you and that you get better really soon. All the best, Buck

Tricia said...

Hope you are feeling better. I had to go to the vet today for my bi-annual checkup (yes, my mom is so overprotective) and they gave me two shots! And they had to take my temperature which wasn't fun! But I got alot of treats and was able to watch football on the sofa all afternoon so I guess it all worked out fine.

Have a good week!


Martin said...

Two suggestions on food:

1. Try Dynamite Super Premium Diet for Dogs ( together with Dynamite Showdown (
In combination, these two products kept Rufus and Cooper's coats amazingly healthy (I had a professional handler come up to me at the dog show in Yakima last year and tell me that Rufus's coat was the best he had ever seen on a Ridgeback). Betsy Metcalf (Rufus's breeder) is the closest distributor in Winatchee (you should meet her anyway - she ROCKS).

2. Get Nala on a BARF (Bones and Raw Food) diet. There is a guy in Seattle named Tim Cocker who used to make it for us with all organic ingredients and it cost $3 per pound. If you are interested, email me and I'll send you his contact info. In addition to making her coat look great, it is just plain GOOD for her, and will likely extend her life.

Anonymous said...

Chels is allergic to fresh chicken... but ok with kibble... for all your lumps and bumps Nala, I would have to say this is my all time favourite photo of you...looking mighty fine on your mums lounge :)